50's Housewife

Lately I've been feeling like a midcentury housewife. Our new home will have a very retro vibe, plus I've been reading "Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House." The first morning after I began reading the book we had a record-breaking morning for completed household chores. By 9am we had: a vacuumed house, laundry done, trash out, kitchen cleaned, beds made, children fed, a little kindergarten prep. That was probably the only morning we had such success. Most of the time we're barely out of our PJs by 9am during the summer. But it has opened my eyes a bit more for how to stay on top of our chores. Including the kids in some of the house work is a big help. 

The author compares old 50's-60's housekeeping books to our current view of keeping home. In the 50's there were standards most housewives all agreed to based on these books: they recommended vacuuming twice/week, ironing the sheets once/week, hot meals twice/day, dusting the walls every day. (I can't say I'll be dusting the walls every day. Can you imagine?)
These days it's less common for older generations to pass along helpful household tips to the grandkids. Mainly because the kids have other distractions. So, we have to relearn many of these tricks ourselves or by reading books or blog posts from those who have already taught themselves.

The good news: this is all good for the heart. It's not just about having a clean home, but a happy and healthy one, too!