About the Homeowners

A brief introduction for those who don't already know us:

We met and married in Austin, Texas in 2006. After 20 years (for Doug), about 7 years (for Jessica), 2 kids (together) in May 2014, we relocated our family of 4 to Arizona to be closer to family. 

Doug owns and operates Connolly Asset Management. He hosts a podcast and enjoys Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He also used to be a stand-up comedian...So, it's safe to say he's a complex character. He also has an itch to learn more about construction and homesteading. We will see how he fares...stay tuned! 

Jessica studied architecture and practiced for 7 years in Austin before founding Telos Design. She works with clients in Phoenix and nationwide on various graphic design projects. She also paints and creates products for her new online store

Join us in our journey through midcentury modern mayhem as we anticipate the completion of our new home in time for our fourth child to arrive in 2017!