Little Moments

As I look for inspiration via design blogs, Instagram or Pinterest it would be easy to feel pressured to make every space in our house picture-perfect rather than perfect for our family. When designers show you the effortlessly curated corner of their homes over and over, it makes me realize the rest of their house must not always be as picture-worthy. Emily Henderson even admits how many hours it takes her team to get the right configuration of furniture and accessories for each photo. Her honesty is refreshing. 

This reminds me that this house is not for show it’s our home. Our safe haven. With moments of beauty for reflection on what is truly important.

As a designer, I don’t just look around the world for inspiration. But I try to listen as well. When others experience a house for the first time: what makes it cozy to them? What makes them uncomfortable? Sometimes a little mess gives people permission to be comfortable. It’s a fine line between a curated space and a hospitable one.

We hope our home will be welcoming to friends and family for years to come.