Liturgical Living

A few people have asked why and how to use a liturgical calendar, so I thought I'd share my answers here:

  • Overall, it is a visual reminder of our faith. That we are set apart. As Christians, our days are not meant to be oriented around civic holidays, but around the Christian story.
  • It encourages us to observe and engage with the Christian year. 
  • It is an opportunity for evangelization. "What is that thing on your wall?" 
  • The feast days included at the bottom of the page are a great quick reference for upcoming days one might want to remember. Feast days for Martyrs are noted in red.
  • Holy days of obligation (along with a few other larger feast days) are located at the center of the calendar, making it easy to reference when a holy day is approaching. 
  • Learning about and seeing a visual representation of how the first full moon determines the date of Easter is interesting and may spark questions about the history of how this date is determined each year. 

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