Meet the Makers, Movers and Shakers: Kate Capato

Through my research for the Sacred Art Liturgical Calendar I have come across many artists I admire, Kate Capato is one of them! Through the Sacred Art School in Florence I was introduced to Kate's beautiful artwork and her even more admirable faith. I am so grateful to these artists who share their gift to help us all appreciate the beauty of creation.


Visual Grace artist, Kate Capato, is an artist with a deep vision who seeks to share authentic beauty that captivates the soul. As a Sacred Art painter, Natural Light Photographer, and Contemporary Dance Choreographer, she artistically brings to life Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

The surest way to a peaceful heart is through the Mercy of God. This painting that will be included in the 2017-2018 Sacred Art Calendar, Misericordiae Invitatio, aims at pulling the viewer outside of time and drawing one in to see how we have responded personally to God's Love, a choice of receptivity or rejection. In this work, one simultaneously sees the example of Adam and Eve’s separation and despair due to the rejection of God, The Father, while Mary, our Blessed Mother, is radiating harmony and union during the first moment of conception as she responds openly and trustingly to God's invitation. Mary gives her fiat as Adam and Eve turn toward lies. Furthermore, as a result of grace, the dead tree from the fall is linked to the blooming tree that surrounds Mary ablaze. She and Christ are given to mankind as the new Adam and Eve for salvation history. This work is clear in sharing that God has a plan and Mary and Jesus are not a second thought in God's salvation but a purposeful gift for all the fallen. A blue Iris that grows near to Adam’s gaze symbolizes the hope and a promise in love. Where we have attached ourselves to death and lies, hope and love still remain a gift offering. Thus, we are invited into God's Mercy daily (Misericordiae Invitatio) where we too can be set ablaze upon entering into a deeper union with Christ, as Mary our Mother exemplifies. 

You can find Kate's art and photography online:

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