Meet the Makers, Movers, and Shakers: Rakhi McCormick

Today I have a special interview with my friend, Rakhi McCormick of Rakstar Designs. Rakhi and I met through Zelie & Co. online in 2016. We also have a mutual friend, my sister-in-law Cristin (hi, Cristin!). Rakhi is a lovely, innovative, and encouraging soul whose work is an overflow of her faith and joy in the Lord. UPDATE: Since this interview, Rakhi and her husband, Tim, published the 2017 Advent reflections guide: Expectantly Waiting in Wonder

Tell us about yourself! 

Howdy! I'm Rakhi and I'm the maker behind Rakstar Designs (some say genius, others say hot mess - why not both?). I currently live in the metro-Detroit area with my love (the Hubs) and three babes (ages 7, 5, & 1). While I work outside the home part-time in parish communications, I'm also in the studio (aka all over the house) working on handlettered prints, watercolor, photography, jewelry, and twenty other unfinished projects due to my crafting ADD.

What is your background?

I have always been creative, but never really pursued it educationally/work-wise until recently. My educational background is actually in higher education, political science, and ministry! Having been raised Hindu, I converted to Catholicism as a junior in college at the University of Iowa. It's been a long, slow journey falling into the heart of Christ and discovering who He has made me to be, and I am still learning more each and every day!

How long have you been creating or supporting the arts?

Rakstar Designs began back in 2014 as more of a hobby. I've been a creative since I could hold a paintbrush. My mom and dad were both creative in their own way so the arts were always a big part of our lives - whether creating or supporting!

What inspires your work?

Inspiration comes in a variety of ways for me as a creative. Many times, I create based on what my own soul needs at the time. I'm also captivated by light and the way it plays against the darkness. Sunrise and sunset are my favorite times of day! (Sunrise is a recent, post-school-aged-kids phenomenon. I'm still getting used to it.)

What role does the artist/artisan play in society?

As an artisan, especially a Catholic artist/artisan, it is so important to provide a glimpse of the truth, beauty, and goodness that never fades - to tug on the heartstrings of that eternal whisper that lies in our hearts. We have such power to transform spaces, minds, and hearts. It is such a holy privilege to share our gift for the glory of God!

What is your dream project?

SO. MANY. DREAMS! My super-huge-pie-in-the-sky-dream would be to open a bookstore-coffeeshop-gift shop combo that the Hubs and I could run together to minister to those on the fringes of the faith. PIE IN THE SKY!

What couldn't you live without?

The right answer is Jesus, right? But also coffee. Lots of coffee.

Where can you be found online? 


Thanks, Rakhi!