Meet the Makers, Movers and Shakers

Kristyn Brown, The Saints Project

It always takes my breath away when artist Kristyn Brown reveals new work. Back in 2015 when I began envisioning the Sacred Art Calendar, I spent tons of time researching current Catholic artists. Kristyn's saints project was one of the first I that fit my vision for the calendar. Her work is fresh and modern, but timeless; steeped with symbolism. Her work conveys her faith with grace, strength, and beauty. 

From her website: "The Saints Project is a photo series of Catholic saints portrayed by everyday people bringing focus to the true role models of our world. The Project aims to involve the community by using 'average' people in its portrayals. Unlike paintings or self portraiture, The Saints Project calls people to stand in the shoes of a real Saint. To create unity during the creative process but also to bring us into communion with the saints of the past."

Working with Kristyn has been a true pleasure! One of her newest pieces will be featured in the 2017-2018 Sacred Art Liturgical Calendar, available in late September/early October. 

Please following the links below to visit her website and follow her on Instagram or Facebook. 

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