Sacred Art

Society needs artists, just as it needs scientists, technicians, workers, professional people, witnesses of the faith, teachers, fathers and mothers, who ensure the growth of the person and the development of the community by means of that supreme art form which is “the art of education”. - Saint Pope John Paul II

In our Sacred Art Liturgical Calendar our mission is to "bring the liturgy home." With this access to daily readings, feast days, and sacred art, we can enrich our daily lives with beauty. We are also able to connect the artist with a community of believers who may not already be familiar with their work. Therefore, we have curated a unique group of contemporary and classical artists. You can find out more about each of the contemporary faithful artists included in the calendars below. 


Bernadette Carstensen
Blair Gordy
Katie G Whipple
Kristyn Brown
Kate Capato
Anatoly Shumkin


Ali Cavanaugh
Brian Jekel
Gwenyth Thompson-Briggs
Jeremy Matick
Kristyn Cardenas
Michelle Paine
Kristyn Brown

Additional Catholic Artists of Note
Matthew James Collins
Jaime Longa
Neilson Carlin
Melissa Weinman
Katie Schmid
Gloria Thomas
Mary Jane Miller
Tianna Mallett
Ingrid Blixt

You can also see a group of talented artists in this new book by Cory Heimann!