Meet the Makers, Movers, and Shakers

Katie G. Whipple

We are thrilled to include a special triptych from Katie G. Whipple in the forthcoming 2017-2018 Sacred Art Calendar! Both her floral and figural works are astounding. You can learn more about her here and on her website, link below. Be sure to follow her process on Instagram as well.

About Katie:

"Katie (b. 1991) grew up in central Indiana. After graduating high school, Katie decided to forgo traditional college education and move to New York City to study academic painting at the Grand Central Atelier.  She has since been the recipient of many awards, including scholarships from the Grand Central Atelier, the Art Renewal Center, and a purchase award from the Indiana State Museum for the permanent collection.  Most notably, Katie was awarded second place and named “Protogenes” in the 2013 GCA Drawing competition and was also the recipient of the 2013-2014 Alma Schapiro Prize. The Alma Schapiro Prize sent her to the American Academy in Rome for three months to study the works of the old masters. Katie extended her stay in Italy,  journeying from Rome to Florence and Naples studying antiquity and the Renaissance intensively for eight months. She now works full time as a professional painter, teaches part time at the Grand Central Atelier, and lives in Queens, NY with her husband, artist Brendan Johnston, and their dog Theo. 

"From a very early age, Katie knew she had to become a professional artist. In choosing to become a painter, she has aligned herself with the rich and beautiful history of visual representation that dates back to the beginning of Man. Continuing this history is not a responsibility she takes for granted. It is her highest aspiration to gain a greater understanding of the human spirit and to cultivate joy and wonder through the launguage of oil paint."


Meet the Makers, Movers and Shakers

Kristyn Brown, The Saints Project

It always takes my breath away when artist Kristyn Brown reveals new work. Back in 2015 when I began envisioning the Sacred Art Calendar, I spent tons of time researching current Catholic artists. Kristyn's saints project was one of the first I that fit my vision for the calendar. Her work is fresh and modern, but timeless; steeped with symbolism. Her work conveys her faith with grace, strength, and beauty. 

From her website: "The Saints Project is a photo series of Catholic saints portrayed by everyday people bringing focus to the true role models of our world. The Project aims to involve the community by using 'average' people in its portrayals. Unlike paintings or self portraiture, The Saints Project calls people to stand in the shoes of a real Saint. To create unity during the creative process but also to bring us into communion with the saints of the past."

Working with Kristyn has been a true pleasure! One of her newest pieces will be featured in the 2017-2018 Sacred Art Liturgical Calendar, available in late September/early October. 

Please following the links below to visit her website and follow her on Instagram or Facebook. 

Etsy Store:

Sacred Art

Society needs artists, just as it needs scientists, technicians, workers, professional people, witnesses of the faith, teachers, fathers and mothers, who ensure the growth of the person and the development of the community by means of that supreme art form which is “the art of education”. - Saint Pope John Paul II

In our Sacred Art Liturgical Calendar our mission is to "bring the liturgy home." With this access to daily readings, feast days, and sacred art, we can enrich our daily lives with beauty. We are also able to connect the artist with a community of believers who may not already be familiar with their work. Therefore, we have curated a unique group of contemporary and classical artists. You can find out more about each of the contemporary faithful artists included in the calendars below. 


Bernadette Carstensen
Blair Gordy
Katie G Whipple
Kristyn Brown
Kate Capato
Anatoly Shumkin


Ali Cavanaugh
Brian Jekel
Gwenyth Thompson-Briggs
Jeremy Matick
Kristyn Cardenas
Michelle Paine
Kristyn Brown

Additional Catholic Artists of Note
Matthew James Collins
Jaime Longa
Neilson Carlin
Melissa Weinman
Katie Schmid
Gloria Thomas
Mary Jane Miller
Tianna Mallett
Ingrid Blixt

You can also see a group of talented artists in this new book by Cory Heimann!


Finally! I've been meaning to get these articles up and links to these amazing blogs since August. Let me first say, what a blessing it is to meet fellow artisans and blogger via the internet! Growing a small business is no small task, but with the support of clients, patrons, and fellow creatives this little business is GROWING! You can read more reviews here and I also highly recommend each of these blogs as well!

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Disclaimer: A few of the above bloggers received a calendar in exchange for a product review. As you will notice in their reviews, all opinions are their own.