In addition to personal artwork, a collaboration with Christian and Catholic visual artists has begun. Without sharing too much before the launch, it has been a pleasure to research and learn about contemporary artists.

The idea for this project began as a simple, visual educational tool for kids; and this is still a big part of the mission. But as I was researching art for the project, I realized the sacred art scene is clearly lacking the patrons it once had. 

So, the second aspect of the project's mission is to connect artists with those who might not be familiar with sacred art. By providing both a tactile and a digital platform, it may be possible for more artists to connect with a larger community. And hopefully we will all become better patrons of the arts as we realize the power art can have in our daily lives. 

Being exposed to art sparks creativity and points us towards truth, beauty, and goodness. Virtues which can benefit everyone. In the coming months I hope to share more about this exciting collaboration!